School in Ghana competition.

We are thrill to announce our proposal for the 4th Earth Architecture competition in Ghana hosted by Nka projects. 

The challenge is to design a unit of a school for students of ages 12 to 18 years that can be built with earth and other local materials in rural Ghana. Total costs of constructing the design entry must not exceed $8,000 (USD) for materials; local labor excluded from this price point. 

The idea that drove this competition was to create a new typology of school based on local materials
and construction techniques to achieve a flexible configuration of classrooms with a uses a  conscious approach to sustainable design. The project is designed along west/east axis to minimize sun exposure at the north/south walls.
The building is composed by a double layer of bamboo and rammed walls. The external walls made of bamboo and timber will block direct sun radiation over the internal walls made of adobe while allow cross ventilation. Rotating the classroom creates between both layers, spaces for interact between students. The colors used outside of the classrooms are a reference to the colors used in typical Ghana culture dressing.

Thank you to all of you who provide feedback and guidance.

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